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Clean * Green * Solar Energy for your Home or Business

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions is the leading educator in the solar energy and energy efficiency industries.

We pioneer solar energy solutions combined with energy efficiency for residential, commercial and industrial properties including strip malls, hotels, assisted living, apartment complexes and warehouses.

The common solar installer only understands how to install solar panels. Our unique solar energy team consists of professional engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC engineers, architects, financial analysts,CPAs, builders and manufacturers to provide a complete custom analysis of your home or business and property.

The world of solar energy and energy efficiency is always changing. Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions will address all of your energy concerns. Over 30 years of commercial experience allows us to provide specialized solutions to maximize Returns On Investment (ROI), reduce electric and gas bills, increase the value of your real estate and decrease operating expenses.

We are the only developers that incorporate energy efficiency and renewable energy, resulting in the highest Returns On Investment (ROI) in the industry. Please call us at 1-855-SUNNY-4U or email us at

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Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions is a unique New Jersey solar company that integrates "whole-building" energy solutions. We educate our clients in the total approach required to achieve a maximum level of energy efficiency!

Always consider your source! … Our team of highly experienced project specialists includes professional engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC engineers, architects, financial analysts, CPA’s, builders and manufacturers who contribute to over 30 years of experience in solar solutions development.

Our experts will educate you and your accountants on financing optionsand state and federal tax incentives and rebates. We will also help you compete the necessary paperwork to integrate your solar energy solution.


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The biggest misconception in the solar energy industry is what the other solar contractors are selling to the systems for "FREE".

Beware of "Free"! ...

What does "FREE" mean to a business or home owner?                       

Is anything really "FREE"?

Advanced Solar & Energy Solutions is the leading educator in the Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency industries.  We begin every relationship by first serving as an energy efficiency consultant.  Our team of project specialists will educate our residential and commercial clients about solar energy systems, energy efficiency upgrades, tax benefits and financial options.

We want YOU to experience the financial benefits of your solar project - not the solar contractor or finance company.



How do SRECs work?

Each time a system generates 1,000 kWh of electricity, an SREC is earned and placed in the customer's electronic account.  SRECs can then be sold on the SREC tracking system, providing revenue for the first 15 years of the system's life.

Electricity suppliers, the primary purchasers of SRECs, are required to pay a Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (SACP) if they do not meet the requirements of New Jersey’s Solar RPS.  One way they can meet their RPS is by purchasing SRECs.  As SRECs are traded in a competitive market, the price may vary significantly. 

The actual price of an SREC during a trading period can and will fluctuate depending on supply and demand.  See recent SREC trading prices.

Adapted from NJ Clean Energy's website